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Peaberry coffee is a type of coffee that comes from a specific type of coffee bean. Normally, coffee beans grow in pairs within the coffee cherry fruit, but in the case of peaberry coffee, only one bean develops inside the fruit, resulting in a round, pea-shaped bean.

Peaberry coffee beans are considered higher quality than regular coffee beans because they are denser and more flavorful due to their unique growing process. They are also said to have a brighter acidity and a smoother, more complex flavor profile.

Peaberry coffee beans are harvested in the same way as regular coffee beans, but they are separated during the processing stage. They are then roasted and brewed in the same way as regular coffee beans.

Peaberry coffee is primarily grown in Tanzania, Kenya, and other parts of East Africa, but it can also be found in other coffee-growing regions worldwide. Peaberry coffee is often more expensive than regular coffee due to its perceived higher quality and unique growing process. It is popular among coffee connoisseurs looking for a premium and distinctive coffee experience.

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